Technical Prerequisits

Browser Recommendation

When using other browsers it may happen that the extranet is not working correctly.



Font Size

You can change the font size by using the shortcut keys "Ctrl" and "+" for enlarging and "Ctrl" and "-" for decreasing. Please note that changing the font size might effect the layout.


Cookie Settings

You are required to enable your browser session cookies. Compared to other cookies these session cookies are files which are saved during a running internet session on your computer. They are deleted automatically when you close the internet session.


SSL Coding

To ensure that your data are not transmitted unencrypted via the internet we use SSL coding for data encryption. You need a SSL-enabled browser (generally all current browsers support SSL) who reads our server certificate once you are starting an SSL connection. After that, it checks our server address together with the certification body referring to validity and affiliation. Furthermore it might be necessary that you need to check your proxy or firewall settings when you have problems to open the extranet.

PDF Reader

Compared to HTML formats a PDF document allows a largely original representation of information. But it requires software to open and read PDF documents. For example Acrobat Reader from Adobe.
If such software is not installed on your computer you can not view and print PDF documents. Adobe and other vendors provide the necessary software free of charge in the internet.



For accessing and using our online services kindly assure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

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